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Brittany Davis is an entrepreneur and gallery owner, with ties to the Los Angeles art community. In 2014, she created many Beyond The Lines Art Show pop up events that included installation rooms, vendors, food stands, live music and comedy shows. The events occurred in different locations around Los Angeles, and drew 500+ attendees to each show. Then in 2016, she opened a more classical gallery, Beyond The Lines Gallery, in Santa Monica’s famed Bergamot Station. There she put together and curated themed group and solo shows working with a wide variety of emerging, mid-career and established artists. Next, she opened a gallery and event space in Downtown LA.

As her newest venture, Brittany opened Brittany Davis Gallery in Ojai CA, which she describes as “a classical gallery with a twist.” The gallery features local Ojai artists, and artists in the LA area and plans on expanding to artists all over the country and the world. She hosts monthly rotating exhibits, installation rooms, and events. Brittany also plans to incorporate technology in the space to create a more interactive visitor experience. The gallery and artists will attend a variety of art fairs throughout the year. Brittany plans to open a second gallery location in Los Angeles in 2021.

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brittany davis

Brittany Davis is an entrepreneur and gallery owner.

Brittany Davis
Madeline Kirkegaard
Gallery Assistant

Madeline attended University of California Santa Barbara and

madeline kirkegaard