July Art Show

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Abstract Art

Karen Hansen

I create paintings as refuges or resting places, both for myself and for the viewer. They are entry points to the rhythms and the quiet mysteries of our lives and our search for deeper connection to those parts of us that are beyond words.

Mark Wall

My inspiration comes from my own experiences and perspectives; growing up in the Pacific Northwest, traveling along the Pacific Coastlines to Mexico, living on a sailboat, homesteading on a small remote island surrounded by the Salish Sea, and now setting roots in the desert of Arizona nestled in the Sonoran Desert.

Gabrielle Lasporte

What if we had to express emotions through art?
What colours would we use to represent how we felt? What lines would
flow and how would they weave their stories?
The Universe Smiles Upon Me is that story.

Bonnie J. Smith

My inspiration for many of my textiles comes from living around the Pacific Ocean and other large bodies of water in the state of California and how the terrain in our state is affected by droughts that we have endured for many years.

Alli Jason 

I am inspired by my hikes in nature with the changing light impacting the colors of the trees, mountains, sunsets, flowers, and their reflections in bodies of water.

Sydney Inez

It is my hope that my work will stir something in you. That you will find meaning in the colors, the movement, the texture, or the patterns. That it will remind you of something you forgot, a feeling, or a moment. I hope the way the colors mix incite wonder, or the different materials make you curious. I hope it moves you with joy in the light or heartbreak in the darkness.

Paul Farmer 

Lichen are symbiotic organisms composed of fungi, green alga and cyanobacterium. They are an indicator species for nitrous oxides- greenhouse gases emitted from vehicle exhaust and the burning of coal, oil, diesel fuel, and natural gas, especially from electric power plants. Studying lichen species can tell us a lot about the environmental health of a particular region.

Robbie Kaye

Aftermath is a collection of abstract paintings that evolved from spending many hours at home in solitude during the pandemic. Each piece is the result of hope, introspection and the reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Kim Lumsden

I just show up to a blank canvas, it’s like something is being channeled within that is so arcane that creates this vibrant language of the unknown. I keep listening and show up and truly I am amazed at every turn.

Geoffrey Levitt

Each painting surface faces me with the question of what to put on it.  I am inspired by things I see as I walk or drive. I see images in magazines that give me ideas.  I often use one painting I have done to inspire another one.

Paul E. Santori

The inspiration for my current practice follows two parallel tracks: nature and the landscape of the mind. Plein air and abstraction at times intersect. What I find interesting is that the solution to achieving pictorial resolution for both are the same.

Todd Westover

Meghana Bhimarao

I find beauty in the coexistence of humankind with the natural world, and hope my art inspires people to live life in harmony with Mother Nature. The human race has evolved so much, and yet we struggle to appreciate and respect basic elements that sustain life – such as clean water, clean air, and food rich with color and nutrients. Other common themes in my art include the role, power, and strength of women in sustaining life, both human and otherwise.

Nurit Avesar

My work is processed based. I am dealing with the issues of global warming and the effect of historical events on our lives.

Vicky Hoffman

My work is grounded in nature and is an exploration of the gritty side of nature. I focus on shapes and interesting colors. I strip away all of the extraneous material until the only thing remaining are those shapes and colors. Weaving together the intricacies of the natural world with an abstract environment, I create new and unique surroundings.

Ulises “Luis” Aguilera

My inspiration comes from various artists that like to create fan art of famous celebrities and well-known characters. I was intrigued by their dedication so I decided to gather my own references and start creating my own material. My only message is to let people know that I have a love and passion for art.

Larry Caveney

Frederika Roeder

My work follows the paths of Minimalism and the Light and Space Movements while finding its roots in Southern California’s natural environment. I paint with brush and knife, often using materials influenced by the surfing and skiing industries:  fluorescent sprays, iridescents, epoxy resins, beaded glass gels, and inks.  Combined with oils, inks, acrylics, pastes and fluid and matte mediums, these materials achieve the luminosity in my paintings: the glare of the sun on a gritty Los Angeles street; the iridescent grunion in the Pacific waters at low tide; the dangerous grayness of a whiteout in the High Sierras.

Teresa Accardi

My mind, brainstorming ,expressing a feeling etc.

Suzanne Budd

I’m inspired by color and balance and organic shapes that flow. Often earlier layers are visible in my work reflecting the impermanence of life. Nothing stays the same. Our histories are always intermingled with our current state of being.  This current time and its up and down emotions inspire this portal series. The quiet, the solitude and the isolation required taking care of one’s self and others while seeking balance.

Marie McKenzie

From being inspired by tall grass prairies to mountainous and oceanic landscapes, I explore unifying patterns of land and sea. Painting begins with highlights from my travels, these reflections intuitively disperse in abstraction as I welcome visions of an undiscovered world.

Mitra Zall
Nature and sometimes society.

Samantha Nirenberg

My family. My parents are my role models. I often think about how lucky my siblings and I are to have these extraordinary loving humans as a part of our foundation. My father is first generation American – his parents moved to the states after WWII from Belgium. Of all the jewish couples taken from Belgium and placed in concentration camps about 20% returned together. His mother and father were the lucky ones. I never got the chance to meet my grandfather but I learned that his number one priority in life was, rightfully so, to survive.

Carolyn Kramer

Closeup images of  wind, water & earth’s environmental elements inform my art. Raised in the country, close to nature, I have always closely observed earth’s formations. Now years later, these impressions still make their way into my art. Microscopic images come from my own photographs or sketches and are expanded 1000% using mediums of pastels, acrylic paint, string and gold leaf. I have lived between the sea walls of Vancouver, BC, Canada and now the mountains of Los Angeles. At times, I am close to old growth forests, desert landscapes and west coast beaches. Here nature blends patterns and color in tide-marks, layers of earth and microscopic land forms. The ocean floor, texture of tree bark, beach foam and flowing sea grass emerge onto my canvas expressing a soulful, ethereal design, color and paint application.


Ghost Moth

The tension between the need for meaning and purpose and the void that is created by empty experiences is the birthplace of most of my creativity. My work explores this tension as well as the ever evolving modern world and what it unveils about the experience of being human. Ultimately, I feel that life can be as electric, alive, and meaningful as we will it to be. To me my art is the energy I will into my life.

Aileen Imperatrice

Interpreting life challenges as I experience them. I feel the most authentic and unique-to-me art comes from using my own encounters and symbolically representing the universal truth of human resilience. There is strength around us, we just have to be open to it and then embody it through our own voice.

Elias AZEK

My inspiration comes from the metaphysics of the human experience. I subconsciously allow each image to create itself through the process; leaving full images portraying concepts from a deeper realm. The oneness of all.

Nina Hoffmann

For the last ten years, I have been developing my craft, one painting at a time. What started out as a hobby has evolved into a new professional endeavor that enables me to fully express my creativity. I am essentially self-taught and recently I have taken workshops with professional artists to further develop my skills. My preferred medium is oil, however, I do enjoy dabbling in other media such as acrylic. All of the 5 x 7 pieces in this collection are from a painting challenge inspired by a favorite artist – I completed one painting a day for the entire month of January! When I’m not painting, you’ll find me in a pool or swimming in the ocean. I’m a competitive open water swimmer and love the ocean. I’m a dedicated mom to my three beautiful kids and do my best to set a great example for them.“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”-Thomas Merton

Faina Kumpan

Science fiction books and movies.

Vladimir Bibik

Bibik’s artworks gauge existential thematic of an individual through philosophical take on experiences or observations. The collection includes contemporary paintings portraying trembling characters locked in a subtlety of the feelings. His works merge elements of pop and figurative art into striking contemporary surrealism, transforming personal reality in a vibrant allegory.

Palmer Earl

My Acrylic paintings are inspired by the original source of the social constructs that put us and keep us in the position we are today as women. Through research of major social influences (religion, mythology and the written word) I visually interpret specific stories or incidents that helped shape our social trajectory.

Huss Harden

The act of creation.

Terry Romero Paul

In my most current work my paintings are a mix of fact and fantasy.  It is the irrational juxtaposition of images that intrigues me and my imagination is not limited to my reality. It also lets me blend my different genres of landscapes and big skies with my donuts.


Kathryn Pitt 

A lot of my work portrays the human form so people inspire me. I am always sketching their poses.
Also color. The different hues how they clash and blur into one another.

Stephen Linsteadt

My work is inspired by the transformative journey that humanity undertakes either by choice or by outside influences, particularly when it causes us to be introspective. Covid-19 has brought change to our lives in ways we have not experienced as a global community since WWII. My recent work is inspired by these events and seeks to express how the human spirit rises to the occasion and in the process grows closer to each other with more compassion, love, and hope.

Eris Sharon

My own experiences and my body. Whenever I create an art piece with a female form, it is very auto biographical. There is a lot of humor in these pieces. They have a playful lightness to them, and represent my mantra to never take myself too seriously.

Debra Hintz

Painting is like an asylum for me as anxiety is a constant battle. Concepts of resilience and hope amongst struggle are underlying themes. At its core, my art is about finding refuge from my storms and celebrating the light when it comes.

Jen LaVita 

Nature and the natural beauty of the outside world. Love the natural textures and colors, which I draw out through my brush strokes. I like to create art that uplifts, inspires and has a positive feeling for people to enjoy and add color to their lives.

Kathy Jonokuchi

Nature is my muse and have been working on a series of wild birds of California. Because I am a birder, I frequently go out to capture images of our local wild birds.  I love color and color harmonies and birds in their environment are a great way to express that love.

Thomas Chiola

My inspiration surrounds me. From people, places, and events of everyday life; waiting for a bus, taking a walk. In my garden, nature provides me with a bounty of beauty to capture in my water florals and acrylic landscapes. The shoreline of Jersey beaches is a sacred place of inspiration.

Animal Art

Dawn Whitney-Hall

Animals/spirit animals are the most intriguing to me at the moment.

Kathy Copsey

Ultimately, I find inspiration from many sources, and I am often inspired by my love of Kung Fu or cultures including Asian and Native American cultures, by the actions of well-known figures and actors like Harrison Ford and many others who take steps to help the world for the better, and most importantly animals.  The world is truly an inspiring place with many miracles everywhere, if we only just stop long enough to look and consider how truly amazing everything is. One of my hopes and goals is to become a very well-known artist and so successful that I can make a major impact to help make the world a better place for both people and animals alike.

Debbi Green 

First, every white canvas is a challenge worth taking.  Secondly, I paint animals, their purpose in our world is so vast, I chose to show their beauty.  My hope is that when I paint their eyes, the viewers might see into their soul, and come to have more compassion for all creatures.

Chalda Maloff

I chose the fish as my subject for its positive associations across cultures and spiritual traditions. In Graeco-Roman mythology, the fish often symbolized sacred transformation. In Christianity, it is associated with faith and abundance, as in the story of the loaves and fishes. In Buddhism, it symbolizes happiness and freedom.

Kent Butler

My inspiration is being in my studio and creating.Its my form of meditating.

Mixed Media

Beverly Barris

Been an artist my whole life..expressing spiritual energy through my art.

Lynda Levy

My present day inspiration has been from the new normal to which we are all trying to adapt.  The recent COVID-19 has been a focus as well now with a prominent lens towards the Black Lives Matter movement to our homeless population.

John Dingler

Political Ideas I learn in media, people, other artists.

Caroline Marcos

Nature! The forest, the birds and the ocean. I make art because it allows me to slow down and notice, the beauty of nature and the beauty in myself and others.

Carlos Grasso

My aim is the exploration of the visual (and sensation) field creating new visual and textural forms/shapes which are the key to unlock and reveal the inner emotional landscape of the viewer.

Lollie Ortiz

The essence of Fine Art as well as the desire to tap into the whimsical side of my fun artistic statements. And as a fan of pop artists, this passion includes creating my own brand of off-beat 3D art.

Ann Kalb

I’m architecture enthusiast, born and raised in Los Angeles, I found my calling in art glass, with a distinct focus on mid-century modern design as a primary influence. These unique and clean-lined pieces express an interpretation of the consistent aesthetic of late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, as line and color become infused with a contemporaneous edge. I create both functional and decorative pieces, all with that Modernist hallmark.

Aleka Corwin

My inspiration comes from teaching my Parent/Child Art Class on Zoom. We use the most basic materials available: Flour, water, salt, newspaper to make paper mache masks modeled over a bowl, then decorated. I was stunned into inactivity by the shutdown .When I wanted to recommence “making art” I realized that paper mache was what I wanted to do: down and dirty, innocent, cheap, readily available. Because I am an Eco Artist recycling is the perfect source of materials.

David Isakson

My objects are props for a science fiction film that doesn’t exist. I am a self taught artist. I weld and join materials to make humorous deconstructions out of everyday objects. I am not really sure what my inspiration is. I have been thinking about it for about an hour. I don’t really know. The only metaphor I could latch onto is snoopy, in a flight of fantasy, the cartoon dog, fighting the Red Baron. Why does snoopy do it, why does he fight, for freedom, for honor, to be heard, to stand up in the face of overwhelming odds? I guess that’s why I do it. Maybe I’m not like snoopy, but like Charles Schulz, snoopy’s biographer.


Mara Zaslove

I thrive on creating visual conversations that embrace the universality of aging, childhood, life on the street and how “human beings” impact the natural world. Either candid or anticipated, I seek to convey a uniqueness particular to each individual that invites the viewer to explore their own life’s path with that of the subject documented.

Jessika Blume

For collage, any “Found Object” can be an inspiration, but I also can get inspired to do a whole series of art, and create several works with the same “theme” I have a series called, “The Mandala Series”, which started out as a series of 10 drawings and evolved into fluorescent mixed media paintings shown under black lights ! My last show was entitled, “The Shimmering New Earth” and all the works were circular. The photos I’m submitting for this show is from a series, “Love Life on Earth”.


Jada Grantlin

My inspiration is my culture, being an African American young woman taking on the world. Showing people my creativity in art through my personal emotions is what inspires me to keep creating.

Mishana Matthews

My inspiration comes from black life, black appreciation, black culture, and black experience. Being black myself, I want my work to represent my pride for my culture and to inspire many others who look like me.

Hedy Torres

Invisible Hands: Eleven Million is a project including three mediums: paintings, drawings, and time-lapse videos. The project, which elevates and commemorates undocumented immigrants living in Los Angeles, is primarily composed of DACA recipients. The portraits are made in various media including oil on canvas, charcoal on paper, and digital drawings. The portraits are painted in monochromatic grayscale, putting the subjects in limbo. In my work, gray serves as an unemotional, neutral, indecisive color that depicts isolation. Undocumented people are often isolated, threatened, and segregated due to their immigration status. The lack of color is used to break up the barriers that our society faces in respect to racial issues. Not giving color to my portraits makes it easy to avoid labeling, stereotyping, or categorizing them into a specific ethnicity.

Kurt Kreissl

Organic change is erratic in a fluid way. The variations of nature are continuous. While the whole of transformation is an unstoppable force, points in its continuum are able to be marked; observed; impressed; apprehended. These points are forms, perceivable and definable. Defining forms; naming them, calling them – opens the great occurrence of transformation. Our definitions abstract from the assembly of things moving together in time and space. It can be said that we stop what we articulate.


Rude Calderón

The mystery of existence.

Kenneth Dahle

Inspiration comes from within the medium when I sculpt in clay.  After all, there is nothing more elemental and intimate than dirt and water—and perhaps a stick to use as a tool.  It is primitive and the feedback transcends evolution to seeing some individual persona emerge from the clay.

Jim Herbert 

Human beings are naturally drawn to the ocean. I am inspired by the wonders of our oceans for they are truly full of life, color, beauty and mystery. They provide me with a passion and desire to make art. Often I see something in my ocean environment that inspires me, and I want to turn it into a tangible sculpture. Each creation comes alive to me as I create it. These creatures all become part of my fantasy island family of mysterious ocean creatures that occupy my imagination.


Jeff Weekley

When a viewer asks questions about a painting, about what they don’t see or what is unexplained and ultimately, when they create their own story about what the painting is telling them… that is my inspiration. Because every story is different and uniquely personal.

Mike Doyle

The miraculous nature of colors and designs. They just fascinate me.

Samantha LeDuc

I am very inspired by vintage art but with an abstract twist at times.  I am very inspired by David Hockney and Norman Rockwell.

Diane Larson

My inspiration comes from a lifetime on or near the ocean.

Trung Cao

I’m inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us, and the classic stories and mythology that contain within them deeper meanings as it relates to our humanity, culture, psyche, and emotion. These stories have somehow encapsulated wisdom that we generated interpersonally and behaviourally, and therefore filled with layers of meanings that stand the test of time. In my art, I wish to articulate such narrative and meaning, the beautiful people and the stories of who we, real or imaginary.

Landscape | Still Life | Pointillism

Shannon Celia

What humans are doing in, with or near nature inspires me. I do research by exploring places and waiting until the light hits something just right. I celebrate beauty, sometimes in unusual places and believe every place and everyone this side of heaven encompasses both light and dark. Through my lens, I always aim for the light. Painting seascapes is my favorite since I love being near bodies of water but I enjoy doing landscapes & still life too, using brushwork and palette knives. I typically work in themed series from six months to two years and I’m most inspired when contemplating the paradox of function versus beauty and need versus want.

Loraine Veeck

It was inevitable, really. It was inevitable because of one enduring aspect in my life… travel and being out of doors whenever possible. It was in the cards that I would find artistic purpose through landscape painting. But it’s not just a pretty picture that I’m after. My travels always leave me curious about all that empty space that exists out there with the sand, sage, snakes and such. The minute I leave the big city I find myself once again compelled to paint those great empty places which say so much to me about where I stand in the scheme of things.

George Goldberg 

I love nature’s beauty, especially clouds and mountains.  Sporting events also are amongst my favorites.

Elizabeth Shull

My inspiration is in paying attention to and challenging experiences…going down the rabbit hole…there is always more to what you see.

Charles Fall

Charles inspiration is observational to create contemporary conversation in the usage of traditional mediums like oil painting.

Women Art

Jane Mick

I am inspired by fashion, colors and designs all around us. I like to paint happy and beautiful things in a sometimes ugly world. I worked in the fashion business as well as the graphic art business. In my new “Illuminated Women” series you will see I like to detail what the women are wearing. All my paintings are mixed media. They include gold leaf of all colors, Swarovski rhinestones, lace, tulle and many other interesting textures. All the paintings are 36″ x 48″ on 1-1/2″ thick canvas. All my images continue around the edge of the painting so no frame is needed. The paintings take on a whole new feeling in person. Truly can brighten up any wall.


Alan Quirk

I’m inspired by the beauty and elegance of the human form. I combine it’s symmetry and composition with the wonders of nature and mood. To find intimate experiences within the larger world.


Kevin Jacobs

My inspiration comes from personal inner struggles of life. I’m inspired by the German expressionist artist such as Max Ernst and Otto Dix.

Thomas Chiola

My inspiration surrounds me. From people, places, and events of everyday life; waiting for a bus, taking a walk. In my garden, nature provides me with a bounty of beauty to capture in my water florals and acrylic landscapes. The shoreline of Jersey beaches is a sacred place of inspiration.

David Klein 

Life around me, society, my personal relationships and feeling about these things and my own place in the world, influence the content of the work as well as nature and finding new color palettes for each piece.

Jasmine Montgomery

Mood, instrumental music, environment, spirit, aura.

Bruce Sanders

My paintings are the recordings of humble attempts to “look inward.” I try to use color, texture, line, and form as vehicles for the expression of my feelings and emotions.