Horseshoe Holiday Art Show

December 4th-January 10th Pop up LA location.

~All hand painted horseshoes by local artists~

2517 Hyperion Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Solo Exhibit for Marie McKenzie
Keystone 2021

Keystone… the top influential piece that holds it all together, whether it be our most precious resource on earth or the apex predator of the animal kingdom. Without this very important and weight bearing stone, everything would collapse. This exhibition explores water as being key to the environment, in so many ways, from how it is sustained and engineered, in case of mammals, to the way it moves, carving the land from chasms and cascades, to ocean currents that create our climates of the world.

Homeless Awareness Exhibit 2021

Featured Artist Hedy Torres
Statement by artist.
My work primarily addresses the lack of people representation in this country. My most recent art pieces question who is more susceptible to be homeless in America. Housing first should be a human right for every citizen, refugee, resident, documented, and undocumented immigrants. However, major cities like Los Angeles with a great and growing economy is one of the number ones facing homelessness on our planet. But if there is so much money, where is it going? Does mental condition, income, education, nationality, ethnicity, immigration status and drugs take away human rights for housing?