Rhonda Burton

Rhonda C. R. Burton has always been fascinated by nature. As a child she spent countless hours with my grandfather in his garden, planting and studying the patterns of the petals, tree bark and leaves. She began photographing the flowers, trees and succulents that she walked by each day. It has transformed the way she sees the world and helped her find beauty in the most common of objects.

The work represents the elements of nature that I encounter and am inspired by daily. I photograph the gorgeous panoramic sunsets, dramatic cloud formations, lush flowers, trees and beautiful succulents I see every day.

Though my artistic practice has evolved from abstract watercolors to photography over the years, I strive to bring a painterly touch to my current work. I have always been intrigued by color, flowing lines, textures, and repetition of patterns, and that is what influences my artistic vision and the lens through which I see the world.