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How to Become a Professional Artist

My name is Nic McGuire, I have been an artist my whole life and have been selling my work professionally since college. I currently am represented in ten galleries throughout the United States and my work is collected all over the world. What I thought was going to be an art career as a surrealist painter turned into an exciting and successful life of a glass sculptor. I grew up on the coast of California in San Diego where I am still lucky enough to call my home. Being a hands-on creative person has been both fulfilling to my inner self and challenging to make my art a successful business to support my family. I specialize in hand blown glass sculptures that express an impressionistic and whimsical sense of life through animals and other objects. My work is about making unique one of a kind objects that inspire the viewer to think about the delicacy and wonder of the amazing world we live in. I am currently working on keeping my galleries stocked up with artwork to sell as well as creating large art installations for commercial businesses and private homes.
What are three tips you would give an artists looking to transition to a full time art career?
Firstly is to find your best ROI, short for return on investment. Ok, you are already a creative artist and are here to figure out how to make the jump from working for someone else to working for yourself. It is of the utmost importance that you focus on how your art is going to translate into dollars in your bank account. What can you make that will yield you the most money for the least effort? Many of my artist friends struggle with this question because they overthink the simplicity of it and start questioning other aspects of themselves as artists. I’m not asking you to “sell out” and make crappy art here just to make a few bucks. The question is: Of the 5 types of art whatever they are I currently make, which one can I sell frequently that I earn the highest amount of profit for the smallest amount of time spent to make it.

How to be a mural artist

Skye’s art is emotional and raw showcasing her emotions and transcribing it into her canvases and murals for all to see. There is an unintended process to her art that cannot be explained but felt. With Light and dark moments and events in her life, she has learned to let her heart self sooth in creating an expressive flow of paint whether happy or sad, angry or content. There is no style of work that she creates for she paints what she wants when she wants without an outline of what it will be. This is what makes her free.
Skye founded Skyepoet in 2007 to help share art and other artists. She believes that sharing is caring and we are all in it together in this world. She donates murals to her surrounding community and involves locals to take part in her projects. Currently her company offers commissioned murals, original fine art, art rentals and artist mentoring. Her sister website supports her featured artists that she writes about giving them a platform that shares their art, news and exhibits.
“I find that paint and stretched canvas are made for better company. Paint runs through my veins, across my heart and trails to my fingertips transcribing emotion from brush to canvas. I am a Random Sphere of Logical Babble.” – Skye Amber Sweet
Skye Amber Sweet has murals all over Los Angeles. As a successful woman muralist she will share how she broke into the industry and keeps herself busy doing what she loves.

The Art of the Hustle

David Flury is a self-taught artist who grew up in South Central Los Angeles and whose work is very much informed by graffiti art as well as the work of an earlier generation of Chicano artists. He explained to Latinopia the evolution of his artistic style. David Flury, born in Los Angeles, defined his goals and passion to share his work with the masses while taking art classes in college. Raised by his mother, who is of Guatemalan descent, David primarily connects with his Mayan roots. One may easily recognize the Latino influence in his paintings through the images he creates, and the vibrant primary colors he uses to make each artwork illuminate. David Flurry has been successfully selling his artwork for decades and showing in gallery exhibits. Get some inside knowledge in his course from this talented painter.
David Flurry has been successfully selling his artwork for decades and showing in gallery exhibits. Get some inside knowledge in his course from this talented painter.

Art Fairs

Taught by professional wild life photographer Geiro Heine

Public Artist

Taught by professional stone carver Rude C.

How to get private collectors and commissions

Taught by full time sculptor Amos R.

Getting your art noticed Public Artist

Taught by S. F.

How to run a ceramic studio

Taught by Robin N.

Running a small gallery

Taught by M. C.

How to get pet or portrait commissions

Taught by K. P.